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Law firm focusing on human resources and global mobility

A multidisciplinary team specialised in :

Employment law

Employment law

Individual income tax law

Tax law

Social security law

Social security law

A unique expertise

Developed over more than 25 years, focusing on all issues relating to individuals in their work environment, within a French and international context.

Almenide Avocats works in collaboration with Andersen Global, of which we are the exclusive collaborating firm, in France, for Global Mobility Services.


Almenide Avocats assists companies, in a French and international context, with the following issues :

Social security and income tax aspects for inbound and outbound employees.

Restructuring of executives' remuneration packages.

Stock options and equity plans.

Management and optimisation of international assignments (outbound and inbound).

Audit and/or implementation of international mobility policies.

Pensions and benefits...