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Our team of lawyers focuses on issues relating to human resources and global mobility.

We assist our clients in managing their employees and tax exposures in a French and international environment. We also provide support for all social security and income tax issues relating to individuals, within the context of their professional activity in France and abroad.

Almenide Avocats works in close collaboration with the international network UnitedTaxNetwork, of which we are the French exclusive member.

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International transfer management

Developing and supporting the implementation of global mobility policies.

Providing assistance for employees and human resources departments in charge of expatriates and impatriates with labour law, social security and income tax matters:

  • Determining the employee and company’s social security and tax obligations,
  • Implementing the appropriate social security coverage,
  • Optimising the employee’s social security and tax situation,
  • Filing income tax returns,
  • Filing wealth tax returns,
  • Optimising company costs,
  • Simulating French and foreign social security and income tax calculations.

Designing compensation packages for expatriate employees, or those carrying out a professional activity abroad.

Implementing and drafting international employment contracts: secondment, expatriation, addendums, multiple employment contracts, etc.

Assistance with regards to the implementation of payroll management for international employees.


Employment and tax litigation

Assistance with tax audits:

For employees, within the framework of their French and foreign tax obligations.

For companies, with regards to pay, benefits in kind, expatriation premiums, stock-option and equity plans, etc.

Employment law litigation: breach of employment contracts or corporate appointment in a French and international context, negotiations and settlements.

Our team also works in close collaboration with a firm specialised in immigration law, for any issues relating to French administration procedures to obtain visas, work permits and resident permits, for foreign employees carrying out a professional activity in France.

We assist our clients in managing their employee and tax risks within a French and global environment.

Compensation Packages

Optimising our client’s executives compensation packages.

Providing advice with regards to French and international pensions (supplementary and additional voluntary contributions), compensation packages in terms of optimising company costs, and benefits for individuals.

Implementation of stock-option plans, free share allocation or share purchase plans, and profit sharing plans.

Review of international stock-option and employee equity plans, and ensuring they comply with French regulations in order to benefit from favourable social security and tax regimes.

Payroll audits and assistance with URSSAF inspections.